Irene Kirimi

Regional HR Director, Action Against Hunger

Irene Kirimi is the Regional HR Director at Action Against Hunger, Horn and East Africa Regional Office. She has been in HR practice for over nine years, and her biggest passion is knowledge dissemination through training and facilitation. Irene has designed and delivered bespoke training for an array of audiences on management and HR topics over the years. She loves working with individuals and teams to finds creative solutions for workforce issues.

Irene holds a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Human Resources from renowned universities in Kenya. She started her career as an office assistant back in 2006 and grew through the ranks with the zeal to learn and do more with the experience, knowledge and education she had garnered over the years. From basic administration roles to trainer/facilitator for different organizations to managing a HR department at a regional level, she has a wealth of experience to share.

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