Ivan Atuyambe

Head, Leadership and Governance Academy, MS TCDC

Ivan Atuyambe is the Head of Leadership and Governance Academy at the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation. He is an international public sector specialist with a focus on development cooperation and technical assistance with 13 years of progressive experience in public sector governance. His recent work experience has focused on UN’s SDGs and Agenda 2030, as well as the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the African Governance Architecture.

Ivan has long dated roots in designing and leading continental capacity building for state and non-state actors related to accountability, human rights and the rule of law, human rights-based approaches to development, women and youth programming and inclusion in development, governance and peacebuilding.
Ivan’s career also includes working on African Governance Indicators data research in experts teams with Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Global Integrity, Transparency International, and African Union. Ivan previously held roles with United Nations agencies such as UN Office on Drugs and Crime, UN Office for Project Services, UNDP and UNAIDS.

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