Jill Nicholson

Strategic Partnerships Adviser, Humanitarian Leadership Academy

Jill Nicholson is the Strategic Partnerships Adviser at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. She has worked with the Academy for four years, supporting the development of the partnership approach and working to build relationships with stakeholders across multiple disciplines. The Academy has developed a global network working with us to help achieve our mission – to enable local communities to prepare for and respond to, crises in their own countries. As part of her role, Jill has worked on the development of numerous eLearning products, including the recently launched Safeguarding Essentials course and the D Pro series in conjunction with Humentum.

Jill has ten years’ experience in the aid sector working on health, development and humanitarian issues; including extensive experience supporting and managing grassroots organizations in East Africa. Before working in the sector, Jill was a secondary school teacher teaching socio-political studies. Jill has a Master’s degree in Sociology and is a trustee of the Tanzania Development Trust Safe House Project.

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